Attorney and Discharge Planners



  • Working with you to serve the living needs of our clients and help you effectively manage resources
  • Joint planning to meet your client's plan and resources
  • Coordinate with funding resources
  • Monthly updates of progress and needs


  • Ensuring a seamless transition of care
  • Clinicians on-site at time of discharge
  • Continual coordination post discharge
  • Coordination of care plan

At IncrediCare, our attorney and discharge planners are there to care for our clients every step of the way. They work with families to manage their loved one's need for home care after being discharged from the hospital, or after being diagnosed with a chronic or long-term illness.

We’re here when you need us most. Our staff of trained professionals is here to take care of your every need, whether you need an adviser, a clinician, or a caregiver. Call IncrediCare today at (703) 272-8838 for more information about what our attorney and discharge planners can assist you with during this difficult time with your loved one.