Cancer Care

The ripples of a cancer diagnosis extend to spouses, partners, siblings, children, and friends. While dealing with the stress of the diagnosis, many of these family members will find they now need to take on the role of caregiver, something they may never have done before. As you and your loved one learn more about the cancer, you will find that you need to go to many medical appointments with different doctors and that you will have an important role to play during this time.


Your main job as the caregiver will be to support and encourage your loved one as they learn about their cancer and make decisions about and then start their cancer treatments, if treatment is an option. 

What will this involve? Not all caregivers do all of the same things. Try to keep in mind that caring for someone you love with cancer is about the relationship you share together, and that this relationship is going to have to expand in new ways as you learn to manage the stress that cancer has brought into your lives.

It is easy to feel like everything about cancer is an emergency and that you must make treatment decisions quickly. In almost all cases, however, you do have time to slow down, think about your loved one’s goals and priorities, and talk with others. Slowing down will allow you to gain a sense of control. Take time to ask questions, think through next steps, and partner with the medical team to develop a treatment plan for your loved one.

During the treatment phases of cancer, proper nutrition is paramount. Our staff at IncrediCare is well educated in encouraging healthy food options. Another frequent side effect of treatment is a compromised immune system. Our staff is well educated in infection control to promote a safe environment to reduce the spread of germs and infection. During radiation treatment, our staff provides good skin care that can promote healing and comfort.

As a family member or friend, you will be accompanying your loved one through their cancer journey. These are some aspects of cancer you may encounter: the cancer diagnosis, treatment, moving beyond treatment, cancer recurrence, and the disease advancing. 

At IncrediCare, our cancer care plan includes:

  • Scheduling and transportation for medical appointments
  • Communicating with physicians
  • Assistance with a wide spectrum of daily activities, including healthy meal preparation, bathing, and walking
  • Medication reminders and medication management 
  • Transportation for follow-up appointments and errands
  • Companionship and support throughout recovery
  • Nutritious meal preparation
  • Companionship and emotional support to reduce instances of depression

At IncrediCare, we know how difficult it is to care for a loved one with cancer while coping with your own emotions. Our job is to help take the burden off you, as our highly specialized team of caregivers and nurses are here to help. For more information on how to help those who are suffering from cancer, call IncrediCare at (703) 272-8838.