Our Process

Nearly one-third of us will provide long-term care for a sick, disabled, or elderly family member or friend during our lifetime, helping those we love get to their doctor appointments, remember to take medications, get washed and dressed, and eat right. Families are now facing greater challenges and heavier burdens than ever before in caring for their aging spouses, parents, or disabled family members, often caring for elderly and/or disabled loved ones while working and raising their own families. When this situation is difficult for you to manage, let us help.


The Problem IncrediCare Is Trying to Solve

A vast array of current conditions are coming together to create increasing stress and heavy burdens on family members:

  • Our population is living longer than ever before; in many instances, people are living well into their 90s.
  • The demands of today's fast-paced world make it harder for adult children to spend quality time with their aging parents while meeting the ever-increasing needs as they are.
  • Medicare is paying less each year and not covering as much care.
  • Most long-term conditions require multiple care services, which are rarely provided by one provider.
  • The specialization of medicine, combined with patients often having more than one debilitating condition, makes a loved one’s care particularly difficult and time consuming to manage.

Our Solution

IncrediCare best-in-class care management means families interact with professional care managers, simplifying the care for their aging or disabled loved ones. IncrediCare helps lift a good portion of the family load through the creation of a coordinated effort, allowing the family to continue to pursue their everyday lives while ensuring quality care for their family member.

At IncrediCare, the possibilities for care management are endless, and we are constantly looking for creative ways to serve. Call us at (703) 272-8838 for more information on how we can provide assistance to you and your loved ones.