"Dear IncrediCare Team,
Thank you so much for taking so many hours out of your busy day to personally help me facilitate issues with the hospital staff last week. Your attention to your clients sets the example and tone for the entire Incredicare staff. That’s why you have such good customer service in your office, such attentive nurses, and such experienced and gifted caregivers. I truly appreciate your help during my dad’s recent hospital stay and the tremendous assistance your team is providing me to help ensure my dad recovers as much as is humanly possible. I really do trust your staff with my dad’s life. Kathleen, Barbara, and Cherry have all been truly great!"
– Kathleen Patten, CEO/President

"Please know how pleased we were with the quality of IncrediCare’s care. Your caregivers were uniformly skilled and compassionate, and you and your leadership team and office staff have been admirably responsive to our needs."
– Dick / Fairfax Station

"I want to thank the caregiver for all the genuine care and attention provided to Nick during his time at home and in the early days at the nursing center. She was motivated and energetic about getting his house in order, tending to his laundry and shopping, and being sure all his medical needs were being met. She was very flexible about Nick’s situation changing. You really took Nick into your heart, and we wanted you to know how much we appreciated it."
– Mary / Fairfax

"The family is very encouraged by IncrediCare’s response and assistance. Services such as IncrediCare extend beyond delivering care just to the elderly by providing relief and peace of mind for all family members."
– Kathy / Burke

"The caregivers currently at my parent’s home are the best you could ask for. They treat my parents as if they were their own. I adore (your client services manager) on your office staff. She couldn’t be more kind as well as professional and friendly. Overall, the people from IncrediCare that I deal with on a day to day basis are wonderful."
– Diana / Springfield

"IncrediCare, thank you so much for the integral part you played in the last months of Val’s life. I really appreciate your commitment to excellence. Caring for her (was) more of a calling than a job and that is evident in everything. (The caregiver) integrated herself in the life of Val effortlessly and filled a difficult time with her compassion. I appreciate the professionalism, knowledge, and experience your office staff adds to IncrediCare. I appreciate your accessibility and willingness to address my concerns. I wish you the best."
– Debra / Chantilly

"At a difficult time and in a difficult situation, they met our needs. We could not have made it each day without IncrediCare. I commend (your representative) as he was above and beyond the call to help us."
– Barbara / Burke

"Our caregiver is really great. She does more than we expect; a great personality. She is without a doubt the best caregiver we have ever had."
– Marietta / Fairfax Station

"Your representative is the best. He found Brenda for my dad and she made an enormous positive difference on the last days of his life. I am forever grateful to you both and your agency."
– Flip / Mount Vernon