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At IncrediCare, we believe in the timeless truth “There’s No Place Like Home.”

Let us share IncrediCare’s proprietary Wellness Program to unlock the possibilities of your in-home care needs.  All care assistants are our W-2 employees and uniquely trained in Dementia, Diabetes and Neuropathy Care.  We understand the delicate balance of desire for independence and need for in-home assistance.  Our team is continually trained in supporting both.

Are you ready to get started with best-in-class care management?
Call us at (703) 272-8838 and let’s have a conversation about the challenges facing your family.

Choose a home care agency that really does train their caregivers and families in dementia care.

We don’t believe in just sending sitters to our clients because they have memory issues. We go beyond the point of caring for the safety of our clients.

When families are looking for home care agencies that will support their loved one’s condition and put value into their lives, no matter the limitations Incredicare is the choice.

Recognizing that each disorder affects clients in different ways and that there are no blanket solutions to their home care needs is another way to set Incredicare apart.

The best part of training these experienced caregivers and non-experienced loved ones is how taken aback they are by the new insight into some of their clients and loved ones’ behaviors.

That is the moment I know Incredicare is doing the job correctly. We provide the necessary tools for the best care, and that is why it is important for families to really consider what home care companies they should go with.

Are you ready to get started with best-in-class care management?
Call us at (703) 272-8838 and let’s have a conversation about the challenges facing your family.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to ensure that every client and employee finishes each day better than they begin it.  We do this through strong commitment to process based our specifically develop IncrediCare Principles of Care which provide the framework for the consistency and reliability you deserve.

Our Guarantee

Our GUARANTEE is to provide a personal care assistant compatible with your loved one or we will keep trying until we get it right.  We do this through tools to match personalities, skills and interests frequent communication.

Our Specialty

Our SPECIALITY is assisting those with Dementia/Diabetes/Parkinson’s/ALS and Neurological Disorders.  We do this through routine nursing visits and specialized disease and skill training for our care assistants.

Our Awards

Best Of Home Care Employer Of Choice
Best Of Home Care Employer Of Choice
Best Of Home Care Employer Of Choice
Best Of Home Care Employer Of Choice
Trusted Provider Home Care Pulse Certified

Our Process

The Problem IncrediCare Solves

A vast array of current conditions are coming together to create increasing stress and heavy burdens on family members: 

  • Our population is living longer than ever before; in many instances, people are living well into their 90s.
  • Many in the aging community require assistance while demanding independence.
  • The demands of today’s fast-paced world make it harder for the sandwich generation to spend quality time with their aging parents while meeting the ever-increasing needs of their own families.
  • Long Term Care facilities are increasingly unable to provide specialized care to their clients.
  • Most long-term conditions require multiple care services, which are rarely provided by one provider.
  • The specialization of medicine, combined with patients often having more than one debilitating condition, makes a loved one’s care particularly difficult and time consuming to manage. 

The Process IncrediCare Uses

Providing assistance to those wishing to remain in  their home is a people business. To provide the world class assistance you deserve, IncrediCare uses a unique combination of People, Process and Tools.

  • Unique algorithms to match clients and care assistants
  • Consistent communication from office and clinical staff
  • Customized Care Plans using our proprietary Wellness Program and the IncrediCare Principles of Care
  • Quarterly incentive based performance reviews for each staff member
  • Virtual Reality Dementia Training
  • Specialized training plans for assistants based on specific client conditions

The Solution IncrediCare Provides

IncrediCare best-in-class care management means families interact with professional care managers, simplifying the care for their aging or disabled loved ones. IncrediCare helps lift a good portion of the family load through the creation of a coordinated effort, allowing the family to continue to pursue their everyday lives while ensuring quality care for their family member.

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