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Go Apple Picking With Companion Care at Home This Fall

Senior Health: Companion Care at Home Ashburn VA

Your loved one should be going outside for several reasons. Seniors need exposure to natural light only the outside world can provide them. Natural light helps regulate their circadian rhythms, improving sleep patterns and overall health. By going outside, your senior will naturally need to move around, and they should be walking and being physical every day whether or not they go outside, but being outside can make it easier to accomplish this task. So, how are you supposed to encourage your loved one to go outside, or how can companion care at home encourage your loved one to get out of the house? Fall is fast approaching, and with it comes fun fall activities. Apple picking is a great way to get out of the house, and you can use many reasons to encourage your loved one to partake in this activity.

Getting Out in Nature

The nice thing about apple picking is that it allows seniors to walk around in nature. Your loved one doesn’t need to run through the orchard; they can walk through the grass and look for apples in specific tree sections. If your loved one is disabled, some of the orchards you visit will have handicap-accessible trees for them to pick over. This means your senior won’t have to stray far, and help will be nearby if anything happens. Companion care at home can help a senior get to and from the activity and be there in emergencies. This is something that so many people can do, and so many people can benefit from.


One of the first things you’ll notice about this activity is that there will be many people. This is great news if your senior wants to chat with new people or get out of the house. However, some seniors who have disabilities may not like the crowds. Not all seniors will like the noise or stimulation this activity provides. You or their companion care at home provider should always ask your loved one whether or not it is a good day to go out. You may think it’s fun, but the truth is everyone has good and bad days, and that includes seniors. If your loved one wants to meet new people, this can be a fun fall activity for them to do.

Tangible Rewards

Apple picking has tons of rewards that will make a senior feel good about this activity. Not only is it a chance to have some amazing pictures taken with the whole family, but your seniors will get the chance to meet new people, get out of their houses, and have some nice fresh apples that they can use to make fall treats. That is a tangible reward, and it makes apple picking so much fun.

Boost of Self-Esteem

Walking around or getting out of the house can be a huge challenge for some seniors. However, after your senior has successfully gotten enough apples for the treats they’re going to make, they may feel a sense of accomplishment, which can boost their happiness. The happier they are in life, the higher the quality of life they will live. This is why finding activities that make them feel good can be so important.

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