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Monthly Training: Beds, Baths, and Beyond

IncrediCare Care Pros enhance client care by refining bed bath techniques and focusing on comfort and dignity during their monthly training sessions.
Monthly Training with IncrediCare

The Care Pros of IncrediCare brushed up on their skills of giving clients bed baths in May’s monthly training.  Ms. Opal, the resident client at IncrediCare, was treated well, while Care Pros expertly demonstrated how they give bed baths while maintaining comfort and dignity. Each training session was supervised by Nurse Deana McAdams. While the techniques are important to learn and understand, Care Pros were encouraged to pay attention to other details as well. Paying attention to the client’s nonverbal cues of comfort, checking in with the client throughout the process, or taking an extra minute to gently rub lotion into the skin can elevate clients’ experiences.

The autonomy of bathing oneself is a terrible ability to lose. Care Pros are taught to encourage clients to participate whenever they are capable of self-care.


Where clients’ abilities end, IncrediCare Care Pros step up to the plate to help.


More Monthly Training with Incredicare

More Monthly Training with Incredicare


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