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Sleep Can Be Crucial Toward a Healthy Recovery Following a Hospitalization

In-Home Care: Restful Recovery Assistance in Arlington, VA

Too many Americans don’t fully appreciate the value of healthy habits. We take our health for granted, often in our younger years. By the time we’re 40 or 50, we begin seeing the impact of unhealthy decisions we made in our 20s and 30s. Before long, our doctor might be admonishing us to watch our diet, cut back on sugar, get more exercise, and so forth.

The older you get, the more critical your health becomes. That’s because there are increasing risks of various health issues with age. For somebody in their 70s, for example, they might be at a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, or any number of health issues.

When an aging senior has been hospitalized, there are going to be certain routines and habits they might need to develop once they return home, as part of the recovery process. Exercise may very well be an important aspect of the recovery process, as well as taking their prescription medications as directed, going to follow-up appointments, and avoiding a return trip to the hospital.

What would a return trip to the hospital be called?

A hospital readmission. The federal government defines a readmission as anytime somebody needs to be readmitted within 30 days of discharge, but some hospitals track readmission rates based on 60 or 90 day intervals as well.

One commonly overlooked aspect of recovery.

When somebody has been hospitalized and they are finally sent back home, it can feel like a breath of fresh air. They just want to relax, unwind, and get back into the normal routine of their life prior to that hospitalization.

Depending on the emergency or reason they were in the hospital, though, and their age and other health factors, getting back to normalcy, or even a ‘new’ normal might take weeks or even months. For some people in extreme situations it may take years.

Some may need to exercise. Some might need to go to physical therapy. Some may need to take a regimen of prescription medications. Some might have to go to chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Some may need follow-up surgeries.

One thing everyone will need, though, is adequate rest. The best type of rest is a solid night’s sleep. Yet, how many people actually get a good, solid night’s rest, especially when they are dealing with so many health issues that bring mortality closer to home?

How can an aging senior improve their sleep?

They should speak to their doctor if they struggle to sleep throughout the night. They could have incontinence challenges that wake them up repeatedly throughout the night. A colostomy bag or catheter may be a solution.

Some seniors may stress about what happens — or could happen — in the middle of the night if they have to wake up and get to the bathroom or do something. They may feel isolated and alone, especially if they live by themselves.

In that case, in-home care in the form of a care provider at night could be the solution they need to help them rest easy and sleep well.

Whatever the case may be, an experienced in-home care aide is a great option for those who need to rest adequately during the recovery process.


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