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Keeping Seniors Warm in Summer: Tips and Tricks

Staying comfortable in summer can be challenging for seniors; home care providers and loved ones should use these strategies to keep them warm and cozy.
Home care providers can help seniors stay comfortable in the through the summer.

Many of us enjoy the warmth of the summer months by going outside and taking in the sunshine as the temperatures increase. However, staying comfortable in the summer can be difficult for seniors, particularly those with health conditions or limited mobility. Some people may find the heat uncomfortable, but others may find that even with the rising temperatures, they are still cold.

In order to keep seniors warm and cozy throughout the summer, home care providers and loved ones should consider the following advice and strategies:


Layers are Essential

Seniors should be encouraged to wear layers of clothing, even in the summer. Breathable materials like linen or cotton allow for the retention of heat near the body in lightweight layers that prevent overheating. This enables them to wear comfortable clothing by adjusting it as needed during the day.


Select Cozy Clothes

When dressing for air-conditioned indoor spaces or colder summer evenings, seniors should choose materials like fleece or wool. Warmth can be added without being overly burdensome with a comfy sweater or shawl.


Remain Hydrated

Even in mild weather, seniors must maintain adequate hydration. Feelings of coldness might result from the body finding it more difficult to regulate its temperature when dehydrated. Seniors should be encouraged to drink lots of water throughout the day. Hydrating snacks like fruits and vegetables should also be provided.

Additionally, home care providers might offer warm drinks, despite the temperature outside, as they can help seniors who feel cold.


Keep Moving

Engaging in physical activity helps the body produce heat and improve blood circulation. To help combat the cold, seniors should be encouraged to do mild movements like yoga, tai chi, or strolling. Seniors can stay warm throughout the summer by engaging in indoor activities like dancing or chair exercises.

Additionally, home care services can help ensure they use the appropriate form to reduce the risk of injury.


Use Heating Pads or Blankets

Seniors who have trouble staying warm can benefit from targeted warmth from electric heating pads or blankets, particularly in air-conditioned areas. They should also be alerted to safety precautions and never leave blankets or heating pads alone while still on.


Establish a Cozy Environment

Loved ones and home care workers might consider helping seniors add plush blankets, pillows, and rugs to indoor areas to make them feel warm and welcoming. To keep warm air inside and cold air outside, loved ones should also seal any drafts around windows and doors using weather stripping or draft stoppers.


Warm Baths or Showers

Taking a warm bath or shower might help seniors feel more at ease, as they reduce tense muscles and boost blood flow. Home care providers can also enhance the calming effect of the bath with the addition of Epsom salts or aromatic oils.


Seniors may enjoy all that summer has to offer without feeling cold by using these ideas and tactics to stay warm and comfortable. With home care by their side, they can proactively keep themselves warm, enhancing their quality of life, general well-being, and physical comfort.



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