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Managing Calcium Intake for Seniors: Companion Care at Home

The critical question of whether your senior loved one should take calcium supplements as they age. Learn about the impact of reduced food intake and discover five ways, supported by companion care at home, to enhance calcium intake for optimal health.
Companion Care at Home: Senior Supplements in McLean, VA

Should Your Loved One Take Calcium Supplements?

As your senior loved one ages, they might experience changes in their eating habits, potentially consuming less food for various reasons. However, this reduced food intake can lead to inadequate nutrition absorption, resulting in potential deficiencies in essential nutrients such as protein, calcium, and other vitamins crucial for maintaining overall health.

In addressing these nutritional concerns, the question arises: do interventions like calcium supplements effectively work for elderly individuals? This consideration prompts a comprehensive approach, where companion care at home becomes instrumental in ensuring that seniors receive the necessary support to maintain a well-balanced diet and optimal nutrient intake.

Now, let’s delve into five ways seniors can enhance their calcium intake for improved overall health and well-being:

Talk to a Doctor

First, Talk to a Doctor Seniors often require a comprehensive healthcare approach, involving professionals who can assess their health needs. A doctor, through labs and blood work, offers insights into protein, calcium, and vitamin levels, paving the way for informed health management. Once armed with this information, companion care at home ensures seniors maintain optimal vitamin levels, aligning their actions with professional guidance.

So, do calcium supplements work? The answer may vary, but one undeniable aspect is the effectiveness of a well-rounded diet in achieving sufficient calcium intake. Here are dietary recommendations for seniors looking to boost their calcium levels:

Dairy Products and Milk

One of the best ways to get a good source of calcium every day is by drinking a glass of milk. This has tons of benefits, and a senior usually has it in their fridge already. Milk has a ton of vitamin D and calcium which can help a senior maintain bone strength and prevent chronic diseases. The other nice thing about drinking a glass of milk each day is that it is something home care can prepare in under one minute for your loved one. However, if your senior loved one has a dairy intolerance, they should find other sources of calcium.

Dark Vegetables

When your seniors consume dark leafy greens, they eat nutritious food filled with calcium. If your senior loved one needs ideas, they should be eating kale, spinach, or things like collard greens. These can be used raw in salads or cooked in stir fry dishes. Raw kale may be too hard to digest when eaten raw, but there are plenty of nutrients even when cooked down, so don’t worry!

Eat Figs

If your senior doesn’t love vegetables, there are other options and good ways to get calcium, like figs! Figs are good for seniors to eat because they are rich in dietary fiber, and antioxidants that can support heart health and contribute to overall nutritional needs for older individuals. Other fruits that have a ton of calcium include oranges and papayas. If your senior loved one prefers juice, many of these fruits come in juice forms too.

Eat More Soybeans

Dry and roasted soybeans can be a great way to not only feel full from a snack but also a good way to get some extra calcium. Just a half of a cup can provide tons of nutritional value. This makes a great snack or topping on a salad to provide a good texture. Your loved one can play around with these nuts until they can eat them.

The decision to incorporate calcium supplements or focus on dietary sources involves collaboration between healthcare providers, seniors, and dedicated companion care at home services. By ensuring a holistic approach to nutrition, seniors can embark on a journey to maintain their health and well-being as they age gracefully.

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