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Regaining Mobility: Addressing Seniors’ Hip Discomfort

Home care can support seniors struggling with hip pain by encouraging exercise routines, activity monitoring, and lifestyle adjustments tailored to their needs.
Home Care: Senior Hip Pain in Arlington, VA

Helping Seniors With Their Hip Pain

Seniors often complain about hip pain, especially when it starts to affect their quality of life. During aging, the joints, including the hip joint, naturally wear down. This can lead to conditions like osteoarthritis, bursitis, or broken hips, all of which can be painful and increase mobility issues. Seniors can take steps to avoid hip pain with the support of loved ones and home care.

Avoiding Hip Pain

There are several things that loved ones and home care can do to help seniors avoid hip pain. Consider the following and if they pertain to a loved one.

Seniors need to maintain a healthy weight: Extra weight puts more stress on the hip joints, which can cause pain and damage to the joints. Seniors can lessen the stress on their hips by keeping a healthy weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Seniors need to stay active: Regular physical exercise can help relieve hip pain by strengthening the muscles around the hip joint and making seniors more flexible. Low-impact options like walking, swimming, and cycling are easy on the joints and are good for overall health. Seniors can also protect their hips by staying away from activities that put too much stress on them, like high-impact workouts or activities with sudden twisting or jerking movements.

Seniors need cushioned support: Choosing shoes with good cushioning is essential. Shoes that fit well and have the right amount of support can help absorb shock and reduce pressure on the hips when walking or doing other activities that put weight on the body.

Hip Exercises That Might Help With Pain

With the help of home care and loved ones, seniors can be encouraged to adopt a consistent exercise routine that is targeted toward decreasing hip pain. A few things that might be helpful include the following:

Stretching increases the range of motion and loosens hip joints. Home care can introduce one such exercise by asking seniors to lie on their backs and bring their knees to their chest. They can also do this same exercise by sitting on the edge of a chair, crossing one ankle over the other knee, and slowly pressing down on the knee that is raised.

Additionally, strengthening exercises that focus on the muscles around the hips can help keep the body stable and strong. Some successful exercises include leg lifts, side leg raises, and hip bridges. Seniors can do these workouts while lying down or with a stability ball. Also, low-impact aerobic exercises like swimming, water dancing, and using an elliptical machine are all good ways to improve their heart health without putting too much stress on their hip joints.

Before starting an exercise routine, it’s important for seniors with hip pain to talk to their doctor or a physical therapist. They can make suggestions for each senior based on their health and medical history. Also, if the pain doesn’t go away or gets worse, it’s important to see a doctor to find out what’s causing it and get the right treatment.

Remember, helping seniors with hip pain is one of the most important things loved ones and home care providers can do. By helping them live a healthy lifestyle, stay active, and use specific exercises, they help seniors reduce their risk of hip pain and keep their mobility and freedom for many years.

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