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Senior Home Care Makes Eating Healthy Easy For Seniors

Senior home care provides essential support for seniors to maintain a nutritious diet, whether through assistance with cooking or providing healthy, shared meals to prevent malnutrition.
Malnourishment is a serious problem for aging seniors, and senior home care providers can help.

Did you know that more than half of all seniors are malnourished? If your senior parent is eating well, you may think that they’re fine. But if they’re not eating the right things, they could be malnourished.

Seniors who are living at home can become malnourished if they rely on quick meals like microwave dinners or takeout to get by. Your mom or dad could be skimping on meals because it’s too difficult for them to cook. Or, they could be having trouble gripping utensils, panhandles, and other kitchen tools. Sometimes seniors don’t eat proper meals because they’re lonely and don’t want to cook for one.

Senior home care can make it easier for your senior parent to eat healthy meals and get the nutrition they need. If your parent wants to cook but needs some help a senior home care provider can help them. Or, if your mom or dad doesn’t want to cook at all, a care provider can cook delicious, healthy meals. And they can share those meals with your senior parent so they aren’t eating alone.

Some of the other things that senior home care providers can do to make healthy eating easy for your senior mom or dad are:


Meal Planning

A home care provider can talk to your senior parent about meals they’d like to try, what vegetables or other healthy foods they like, and involve them in the process of planning healthy meals. Your senior parent is much more likely to eat healthy when they are excited about trying new foods, eating a new type of cuisine, or having some of their old favorite dishes that they haven’t been able to cook for a long time.


Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a huge part of eating healthy, which can be very tough for seniors. Your senior parent may not be eating as many fresh foods as they should be because they can’t grocery shop often. Senior home care providers can shop for your senior mom or dad so they don’t have to.


Help With Utensils

If your senior parent needs help with things like holding a glass, using a knife to cut food or other practical tasks, a home care provider can help them. That will make it easier for your senior parent to eat a wide variety of healthy foods. And if necessary, a care provider can puree foods to make them easier for your senior parent to eat.


Talk About A Healthy Diet

Your senior parent may not know what foods they should be eating at this time of their lives. If they have a condition like diabetes, knowing what foods are healthy can be very important. With senior home care, your senior parent will have someone in the house to help them figure out how to eat healthier.


Keep A Dietary Log

If your senior parent is under a doctor’s care for malnutrition or for conditions like diabetes or obesity, a senior home care provider can keep a dietary log of what your senior parent eats. That will help their doctor come up with health management plans that will keep your senior parent healthy.



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